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We enable other companies worldwide to benefit from gene editing through technology licensing and collaboration.

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We enable other companies worldwide to benefit from gene editing through technology licensing and collaboration. Gene editing technology will benefit a broad range of crops, but at Pairwise, we are looking for areas where we can make the most impact. Making healthy food available to the consumer is a big task; one that will require us to work together with a wide range of partners. We are eager to talk to companies across the food system and find partners that share our vision for healthy food for consumers and sustainable crops for farmers.

Who We Work With


Harvard University Logo

Pairwise has licensed programmable base editing technology from Harvard University to develop and commercialize DNA base editing applications for food and agriculture companies across specialty crops, fruits and vegetables. For more information, please visit


Deerfield Logo

Deerfield is an investment management firm committed to advancing healthcare through investment, information and philanthropy. It has experience in gene editing technology for human health and views Pairwise as an opportunity to engage leading scientists in gene editing to create a truly unique company that will benefit agriculture and society. For more information, please visit

MGV Logo

Monsanto Growth Ventures (MGV) is the venture capital arm of the Monsanto Company and one of the most active investors in agriculture. Part of Monsanto’s commitment to modern agriculture is recognizing and accelerating innovation by investing in best-in-class startup companies. With Pairwise, MGV is excited to establish a new independent company that will create innovative new products to benefit consumers, farmers, and the environment – both in grains and underbred crops. For more information,  please visit


Bayer Logo

Bayer and Pairwise collaborate to advance agriculture research and development by leveraging gene-editing technology. Under our partnership, Pairwise works in corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton and canola crops exclusively with Bayer. The companies bring unparalleled expertise and complementary intellectual property (IP) to a strategic alliance expected to drive new and needed solutions to help farmers produce better harvests, protect crops from evolving threats, and conserve resources in the face of mounting environmental challenges.

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