Building a healthier world through better fruits and vegetables

Pairwise is a pioneering food start-up committed to helping people live healthier, fuller lives. We’re leading the way to wellness by combining gene-editing capabilities, deep crop science expertise and cutting-edge data techniques to cultivate fruits and vegetables that are naturally irresistible and easier to enjoy.

We believe in the power of produce to change our world. Because when tough leafy greens are easier to eat, more people get calcium and magnesium and Vitamin K.

When raspberries and blackberries lose their seeds, they become more appealing and more likely to end up in a lunch box or smoothie.

And when cherries come without the pits, well, everybody wins.

Pairwise is taking fruits and vegetables to the top of the food pyramid by bringing out the best in nature—and nurturing the world we live in.

Our Values

We believe in product-focused science

We believe in doing hard things

We are inclusive

We are transparent

We have fun

Our Inclusion Statement

We are not afraid to be different, together.

At Pairwise, we believe our diverse team, composed of individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, characteristics and work styles, brings richer ideas and approaches to solving problems. The Pairwise culture creates a great work environment, leads to innovation, and will make us more successful with our products and mission. We embrace individual differences to create an inclusive environment that fosters engagement, communication, adaptation, and appreciation.

Inclusion is a core value at Pairwise and requires continued dedication and action at all levels of the company.

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