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We believe healthy food should be convenient, affordable and sustainable.

Pairwise is a new kind of agricultural company focused on using gene editing and leveraging natural diversity in agricultural crops in new ways to address global food challenges.

We bring together leaders in agriculture and technology to harness the transformative potential of genome editing to address our food system’s needs. Our team is made up of proven leaders in technology and agriculture, featuring Dr. Tom Adams, our chief executive officer (CEO), and Dr. Haven Baker, our chief business officer (CBO), and our team of advisors who are preeminent experts and creators of gene editing technologies: Drs. Feng Zhang, David Liu and J. Keith Joung.

We are working to develop new varieties of crops, and to partner with food and agriculture companies who seek to put nutritious food on tables across the globe. From developing novel genome editing tools to leveraging the natural genetic diversity of plants and creating robust partnerships and collaborations, we are working to address the biggest challenges facing the future of food – from affordability to convenience.

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